Launching a new business can be challenging enough, but trying to locate new leads can also be time-consuming. A new product, ScopeLeads, offers the promise of being able to refine the lead targeting process.

For many business owners, the process of finding leads is a Catch-22. While lead targeting is time-consuming, expensive, and challenging, it’s also necessary to having a successful business. ScopeLeads is designed to make the lead targeting process easier by finding hot leads that desperately need digital marketing expertise. With this product, it’s possible to run in-depth social and SEO searches in a single click while quickly locating hundreds of prospects within only a few minutes. Once contacts are located, another click sends out personalized emails. A built-in CRM also makes tracking leads and communications easy and fast.

Customer support is clearly an important factor when considering a product like ScopeLeads. Triple-checked, this product also comes with a dedicated, friendly customer service team that is available to answer any questions or help with any issues that might arise.

Who Is Behind ScopeLeads?

Understanding who is behnd a product is also critical in determining whether it is the right fit for your needs. ScopeLeads certainly seems to have a solid team behind it. Co-developers include Lior Ohayon and Todd Spears.

A digital marketing consultant, Lior Ohayon specializes in assisting others find as well as close not just leads, but quality leads. The idea behind ScopeLeads was born when marketing gurus began to reach out to Lior, asking for his advice.

Todd Spears, well recognized in JV communities, is also well known for delivering multiple high converting launches.

What You Receive with ScopeLeads

The problem with lead targeting is that many people focus too much on looking for more leads when in reality what they should be doing is focusing on finding the right leads. With quality leads, you gain the ability to quickly grow your business. What exactly are the right leads? Those are the leads that not just need your service but are in desperate need of it. The process to find those leads could easily consume a significant amount of time; however, not leaving any time for anything else.

After running a search on Google for your keywords, you would need to go through every single search result and make a note of those leads that were in need of your service, noting exactly what they needed. You would then need to get in touch and provide them a complementary strategy call to advise them of what they were missing in their social media or SEO campaign. While that strategy would obviously work and deliver a massive amount of prospects, you might find that you had little time left for anything else. ScopeLeads works to automate that entire process, so that you can still take advantage of the same results but without spending the time to do it. An intelligent lead management tool, ScopeLeads finds, develops, tracks and then puts you in contact with prospects that are in need of your specific services. One of the problems with traditional lead tracking is that you cannot be sure whether the leads you uncover actually need your service. That is not the case with ScopeLeads. Additionally, it works to hone in on those leads that need your specific services. For instance, suppose you specialize in providing SEO services. You can use ScopeLeads to target those leads that need your SEO services. If you feel more comfortable providing social media services, you can use ScopeLeads to narrow down those prospects who are lacking in social media skill. Regardless of which type of prospects you choose to target, ScopeLeads will also provide all available contact info for those leads, including their phone number, e-mail address, and social accounts.

How Is ScopeLeads Different from Other Lead Management Tools?

Lead management tools are certainly nothing new. What sets ScopeLeads apart from other tools is that it allows you to find the right prospects without spending a lot of time on research. Just click a button and ScopeLeads goes to work for you.

Finding prospects is just one part of bringing in new business; and that is one area that also sets ScopeLeads apart from other lead management tools. Not only does ScopeLeads help to uncover quality prospects, but it also allows you to set-up strategy calls and consultations with a single click. Once you have sent out a communication, you can also use ScopeLeads to track the sales process.

First impressions are critical when it comes to contacting new clients. In fact, failure to nail a first contact with a client could cause you to lose a sale. With ScopeLeads, you can quickly see the areas where a client is lacking, point out those areas of need, and suggest improvements, thereby becoming an authority instantly.

Not only does ScopeLeads help you to save time that you can re-invest in your business, but it also helps you to avoid what often turn out to be awkward cold sales calls. Since you can also restrict targeting to specific states or cities, you can be assured you never miss a lead.

How Easy Is it to Use?

Naturally, ease of use is also important when considering a new lead management tools. ScopeLeads has a zero learning curve. In fact, there’s absolutely nothing to learn. Simply log into the dashboard, type in your specific keywords, click a couple of buttons and there’s not much else to it to begin generating quality leads. This is a tremendous benefit, as lead management tools that have too steep of a learning curve can actually cause to spend more learning the software than saving time on finding leads.

Scopeleads Review

Overall, Our ScopeLeads Review is that it appears to be a robust tool that not only allows you to find quality prospects but also manage leads quickly and with ease. The fact that it allows you to generate location specific results is incredibly helpful. Add in that this handy tool requires no experience or training and it’s a solid investment for anyone, newbie or veteran, who is looking to automate the lead generation process.  Click here to Check out our special bonus package